About Us
The Ankole Watusi International Registry, a non-profit corporation, was formed january, 1983.  It is the oldest world-wide Ankole-Watusi breed registry.  The AWIR was created to preserve and conserve Ankole-Watusi cattle, to promote public awareness fo their genetic value, and to protect their ancient and unique heritage.

The AWIR employs a DNA program to ensure accuracy of bloodlines.  This program merely assures authenticity of the animal's pedigree, not "pureness" of the animal.  DNA testing is required of Foundation pure and Native Pure animals.

Ankole-Watusi are from the Lake Victoria region of Africa, where they were raised by the Tutsi and Nkole tribes.  These animals were considered a sign of wealth: the more (and spectacular) the animals a man owned, the higher his ranking.  Pictographs of these magnificent animals decorate Eqyptiam tombs and pyramids.  The Ankole-Watusi is a rare breed that has survived 7,000 years of adverse conditions.  There are fewer than 5000 Ankole-Watusi in the world today, and less than 1500 of those are in the USA.

Calves weigh 35 to 50 pounds at birth, by 6 months of age they weigh aprox. 300 pounds and have 3 to 5 inch horns.  As adults, the cows average a 1,000 pounds and the bulls 1,400 pounds; the horns will be as much as 9 inches in diameter, with a total length of 8 feet.  Beside being protection from predators, the horns act as radiators, allowing the animal to "throw off" excess heat in the hot summer months.  This increases their heat tolerance and improves their conception rate.

Other notable qualities are calving ease, fertility, livability, range utilization, meat quality, hybrid vigor, temperament motherability, and stamina.

Larry & Pat bought their first Foundation Pure Watusi Cow in 1986, and joined the AWIR at that time.  Larry is the 2005 Vice President of AWIR, both Larry & Pat have been board members in past years.  Their  herd has continued to increase and is now a part of the family.  If you are interested in helping us preserve this breed please feel free to contact us anytime.

The first of the 2005 calves have started arriving last week and are for sale!  Her name is Garnet and is FP.